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Personal Journal #14: Boys and their toys… well, maybe the girls too.

Sometimes it’s just good to have some new toys to play with.  I just got a new laptop, and I’m loving it.  In fact, I decided tonight to play with the built in web cam.  I was inspired by the HBO original series Treme. A certain character uses his web cam and uploads his “rants” on then infant YouTube. So here is the snap…

100605-111004 I’m still a little chunky for the fish lips to truly come across.  I’m loving the new laptop. I’m still having issues with my music library. I guess I’m going to have to really just erase everything off my computer (again) and start over fresh.

The next new toy I want is a camera.  Jason is also looking at cameras… now that he just got his new laptop… yep, he just ordered his knew one.  He went with an HP Envy 17.  I think that’s just a little to big for me.  Even though mine is “16” (it’s really 15.6) it feels like a smaller machine.  I like that it is nice and light and I love the keyboard.  Oh wait, I went back to my toy… sorry. I forgot that I was supposed to be talking about cameras. 

Although I’m thinking of getting a Nikon, the new Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 are looking like it could be my next camera of choice. The camera body is so small.


NEX5KS_3[1] Now I know it might just be me, but I think this camera looks really special.  I’ll need to see what the reviews say before really considering picking one up.


Computer Lust… or is it Envy?

Dear technology gods,
My name is Lesley and I’ve been having a hard time lately. All I want for technology day this year is the Sony Z Series laptop. One with the i7 processor.  I don’t really care how big the hard drive is, but I would like at least 6GB of RAM.

Thank you…

What, you’ve never heard of the technology gods or technology day?  Well neither have I, but one can hope, right?  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve really got a hankering for a new laptop.  I think it’s because I’m starting school in June.  I  don’t really need a new computer, especially since I’m not actually going to have to go to class… thankfully everything is on-line.

I configure one of these bad boys everyday.  Sometimes I just get really crazy and try to put one into my shopping cart, but for some reason I’m just chicken and never actually complete the order. This baby is less than an inch thick, only about 3 pounds, and it has a backlit keyboard AND a built in optical drive.  How sweet is that?  One of these days you will be mine… one of these days…

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