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Big Run Loop/Portal Trail 15 May 2011

This was our first hike… and from the moment we stepped on the trail I think Jason and I were both hooked.  However things did get tense between us when we realized that we had hiked about 2 miles down the wrong trail… and then the realization that we had to hike back…

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The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge Goes LIVE!

Today my sister blog, The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge went live; along with a Twitter account and Facebook page. The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge is a weight loss and fitness competition between my sister-in-law Barbara (The Princess) and me (The Pixie).

The Princess came up with the idea for the challenge. Our gym offers a weight loss/fitness challenge to members, but due to our schedule we couldn’t participate. So the Princess came up with the idea to use our naturally competitive natures for good instead of evil, and devised our own unofficial, official fitness challenge. With the help of our personal trainers, the Princess and Pixie challenge will soon commence.

The blog will be a place for each of us to share our thoughts about the process, our progress, and just share things that we have to say about each other (smack talking will be a prominent fixture). I plan on sharing my food and exercise journal too.

Please support our challenge, and follow along with us on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Top 3 Tuesday: Bucket List Edition

I was sitting here trying to think of things I could get Jason for Christmas that would surprise him.  We talked about how hard it was for me to get things he wanted and how easy it was from him to get things for me.  He argued that in fact it wasn’t.  Then I listed some things that I would like, and realized that some of the entries would be good for my bucket list.  So that gave me the idea for this weeks Top 3….

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? Here are mine:

  1. Drive a race car
  2. Travel to all 50 states
  3. Go on a cruise

(Yes I know that these are not very ambitious, but they all seem like they would be fun.)

Autumn is in the air…

The Washington Monument is the tallest structu...

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This is my favorite time of year without a doubt.  Even though it’s still summer, it seems like fall is right around the corner.  Some of the leaves on the trees are already starting to change color.  Football is back and not too far behind will be some cooler temperatures.  Getting ready to take another little mini-vacation to D.C. … this time it will be just us girls.  Beth’s long-time friend goes to school in D.C. and with some luck I’ll be able to take the girls site seeing, to the museums and maybe a show at the Kennedy Center if there is anything worth seeing while we’re up there.  I love D.C. in the fall on a nice crisp day. Washington, D.C. here we come!

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