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Knit Picks… Best Customer Service… EVER

For Mother’s Day, Jason got me three sets of circular needles from Knit Picks.  There are all 47″ long and were in US sizes 1-3.  I can’t say how much I fell in love with these needles.  I had been trying different brands  beyond what you get in the craft store to find the right combination of flexible cords and sharp needle tips.  Knit Picks by far are my favorite.

I wanted to start a pair of socks on my new US size 3.  I take them out of the package for the first time, cast on, and went to go join my stitches to knit in the round. To my dismay, the join between the cable and the needle was rough which surprised me because I hadn’t had a problem with the size 2 needles I had already used to finish a pair of socks for my niece. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be an issue and that I could just ignore it, but the more I got into the sock, the more the join was snagging my yarn ( Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn – Canopy).

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Since these are not the cheapest needles out there, instead of just tossing them in the trash and buying a new set, I decided to contact Knit Pick customer service to ask about how to exchange them for new ones.  I didn’t want to just return them.  I used the customer service support contact form and described what my issue was, and not even an hour later I received an email informing me that not only was Knit Picks sorry to hear I had received a defective product, but that they had already shipped me out a replacement!

I just want to thank Knit Picks for their wonderful customer service and great products! Please think about using them for your knitting needs.


Shower Thoughts #6: Broken Desks and Beautiful Flowers

Well ist Saturday and i didnt actually make it to the shower until 5:30 tonight Jason let me take a nap on the sofa with him while the TV was on

1. I want that new desk
2. I have to call Barbara and thank her for my flowers
3. I think I’ll blow dry my hair
4. Wow, I’m getting a late start to the day.

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