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Personal Journal #14: Boys and their toys… well, maybe the girls too.

Sometimes it’s just good to have some new toys to play with.  I just got a new laptop, and I’m loving it.  In fact, I decided tonight to play with the built in web cam.  I was inspired by the HBO original series Treme. A certain character uses his web cam and uploads his “rants” on then infant YouTube. So here is the snap…

100605-111004 I’m still a little chunky for the fish lips to truly come across.  I’m loving the new laptop. I’m still having issues with my music library. I guess I’m going to have to really just erase everything off my computer (again) and start over fresh.

The next new toy I want is a camera.  Jason is also looking at cameras… now that he just got his new laptop… yep, he just ordered his knew one.  He went with an HP Envy 17.  I think that’s just a little to big for me.  Even though mine is “16” (it’s really 15.6) it feels like a smaller machine.  I like that it is nice and light and I love the keyboard.  Oh wait, I went back to my toy… sorry. I forgot that I was supposed to be talking about cameras. 

Although I’m thinking of getting a Nikon, the new Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 are looking like it could be my next camera of choice. The camera body is so small.


NEX5KS_3[1] Now I know it might just be me, but I think this camera looks really special.  I’ll need to see what the reviews say before really considering picking one up.


Shower Thoughts #6: Broken Desks and Beautiful Flowers

Well ist Saturday and i didnt actually make it to the shower until 5:30 tonight Jason let me take a nap on the sofa with him while the TV was on

1. I want that new desk
2. I have to call Barbara and thank her for my flowers
3. I think I’ll blow dry my hair
4. Wow, I’m getting a late start to the day.

Shower Thoughts #1 – Theocracies and football

This is going to be a new regular segment for MOJ. Different people do different things while they are in the shower to pass the time.  Some folks sing, some listen to the news, I think about stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some really good (and really bad) ideas pop into me head while I was washing my hair.  So I decided to share my “Shower Thoughts” with you.  This is just going to be a quick list, no in depth discussions.

  1. SharePoint: Blogs, Wikis, and Management Dashboards… Oh My
  2. Trent’s football play off game tonight
  3. Laptops – should I go ahead and get it or wait?
  4. Must do good at work today (I’m such a sucker)
  5. What am I going to wear?
  6. I hope the fruit trees are doing well…
  7. Would the US Government accept a democratically elected theocracy in Iran?
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