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Woot!!! My new laptop is here…

After a long deliberation, I finally ordered a new laptop. I had originally thought I was going to go with a Sony Z-Series, but I changed my mind cause I wanted a little bigger screen. So I ordered the Dell Studio XPS 16. I just took it out of the box, and I couldn’t be happier so far. Will post some pictures in a little while.


Shower Thoughts #3 – True Blood goes to the Neurologist

Well, I was going to try and upload an audio file, but WordPress said my .wav file didn’t meet the security guidlines… I don’t know what those are.  So here are my shower thoughts for today:

  1. Trueblood – Will Jessica ever be able to see her family again, and is it illegal to make new vampires?
  2. Damn I’m hungry
  3. I hope I remember all my symptoms when I go to the neurologies
  4. I wonder how Warak is doing
  5. Will I ever get a new laptop

Computer Lust… or is it Envy?

Dear technology gods,
My name is Lesley and I’ve been having a hard time lately. All I want for technology day this year is the Sony Z Series laptop. One with the i7 processor.  I don’t really care how big the hard drive is, but I would like at least 6GB of RAM.

Thank you…

What, you’ve never heard of the technology gods or technology day?  Well neither have I, but one can hope, right?  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve really got a hankering for a new laptop.  I think it’s because I’m starting school in June.  I  don’t really need a new computer, especially since I’m not actually going to have to go to class… thankfully everything is on-line.

I configure one of these bad boys everyday.  Sometimes I just get really crazy and try to put one into my shopping cart, but for some reason I’m just chicken and never actually complete the order. This baby is less than an inch thick, only about 3 pounds, and it has a backlit keyboard AND a built in optical drive.  How sweet is that?  One of these days you will be mine… one of these days…

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