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Shower Thoughts #91: Ahhh, it’s Monday!

  1. I had the funniest dream that Barbara was upset with Kevin cause he wouldn’t let her take out $1 million from their bank account to go shopping.  She was upset because he HAD $1 million in cash already and she just wanted to pick up a few things.
  2. I could have used another hour of sleep (Note: and I should have just gone back to bed since it was a 2-hour drive in this morning. Funny how an accident in the opposite direction of where I want to go clogs up ALL the roads.)
  3. Glad to be feeling better and back to normal.  Unfortunately I will now be neurotic about when and what I eat before bed for the next month or so.

The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge Goes LIVE!

Today my sister blog, The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge went live; along with a Twitter account and Facebook page. The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge is a weight loss and fitness competition between my sister-in-law Barbara (The Princess) and me (The Pixie).

The Princess came up with the idea for the challenge. Our gym offers a weight loss/fitness challenge to members, but due to our schedule we couldn’t participate. So the Princess came up with the idea to use our naturally competitive natures for good instead of evil, and devised our own unofficial, official fitness challenge. With the help of our personal trainers, the Princess and Pixie challenge will soon commence.

The blog will be a place for each of us to share our thoughts about the process, our progress, and just share things that we have to say about each other (smack talking will be a prominent fixture). I plan on sharing my food and exercise journal too.

Please support our challenge, and follow along with us on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Top 3 Tuesday – Happy New Year’s edition

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Well the holidays are over.  The feasts have been devoured, the tinsel is falling of the tree (if the tree is even still up), and it’s time to pack up the outside lights and wreaths.  It is also the time for resolutions and new starts to begin the new year.  It’s the beginning of the year unknown.

To celebrate these new beginnings I wanted to see what resolutions folk are making this year (if any), or what they would be making if they did resolutions. Personally I don’t do resolutions per se, but there are a few things I want to work on/stick too.  So here are mine:

  1. Keep going to the gym.  My weight loss/fitness goals aren’t tied to a New Year’s resolution, so I think I have a better chance of accomplishing my goals.
  2. Blog more.  I was doing a really good job earlier this year with my Top 3’s and my Shower Thoughts, so I need to get back on the horse and make it happen.
  3. Stay on budget. I do my budget up two years in advance so I can plan out for big purchases, travel and savings. The problem is that sometimes I let us get off track. But this year I can’t do that because we are saving up for a dream vacation next Christmas to the Animal Kingdom down at Disney World… needless to say I can’t wait.

Shower Thoughts #63: Mob bosses and Prom Queens

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  1. I have the most awesome dreams, who would mix prom queens and mob bosses together in their sub-conscience mind?
  2. Why am I not sleeping well lately?
  3. I may actually have to cancel my personal training session tonight.
  4. I should not have eaten so late last night.
  5. Looking forward to lunch with Jason today.

Oh, the pain…

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So, I basically took the summer off from my blog.  I didn’t really have much to write about (I still really don’t) and I was short on time;  I was taking a class this summer (Introduction to Project Management) and going to the gym a lot.  I have finished my class, the kids are back in school and I’m still going to the gym.

This particular post is about the joys of accomplishing something, and the pain that goes along with it.  Back in April you may remember that I was diagnosed with some fairly common health problems that can be solved with a change in diet and exercise.  I have been working diligently on making and sticking with those changes.  One way I have accomplished this is to work with a personal trainer.  We go see him twice a week and augment our strength training with him by doing 45-60 minutes of cardio work another 3 days a week.

This last Tuesday was a leg day.  I think it will be the most difficult leg day that we will ever have.  I now hurt in places I rather/shouldn’t speak about.  However, not only did I not stop when gently reminded I could stop and rest, I pushed on, going to my “happy place” (I was really just singing along with the song in my head).  After the workout on Tuesday walking down or up stairs were something of an issue, but nothing serious.  Wednesday I was starting to feel a bit sore, but was able to knock out a 1.5 mile jog for a cardio day. Today, Thursday, I can barely walk.  I guess it’s true that something worth having is worth working for, and I’m literally working my ass off!

Personal Journal #17: Just plain stalled out

Ugh, this weight loss thing is really not going well. I’ve heard that I would hit a plateau but this is just out of control. I’ve been at the same weight for 3 weeks now. All the while I’ve still maintained my low fat/low sugar diet, made sure my calorie count was between 1400-1600 a day, and I’ve increased my exercise including the cardio. My blood sugar has also been higher lately too.

So, I’m going to change my eating habits again by eating earlier and stepping up the cardio. I’m going to work on doing more reps with less weight for my strength training. I’m also going to start taking my measurements. I figure that even if I’m not “losing weight” I might still be losing inches. It just gives me another metric to use.

So here is where I am today…
Weight: 249
Waist: 48.5″
Hips: 53″
Chest: 42″
Thigh: 27″

Personal Journal #16: Ain’t no rest for the wicked…

Have you ever thought that you could just get up and walk out the door and no one would noticed that you stopped working? Today is that day for me.  As I was driving into the office I kept asking myself if what I was working on really served some purpose.  It was one of those moments of clarity when you realize that:

A) you aren’t doing something you love

B) what you are doing isn’t contributing to the greater good, and

C) you aren’t really LIVING life, but just kind of coasting through it.

Not really the types of thoughts a person should be having in order to conquer the day. I think about my mortality all the time.  I told Jason that I’m tired of waiting around for the cancer, I just wish it would happen so I could get on with treating it.  Who thinks like that? (raises hand slowly)… I mean, I know I’m going to get it… my dad’s had it and they thought my mom may have had it before she died of a massive heart attack. I can’t help but think I’m going to get it too.  Oh, and I have to go back to the doctor on Thursday to get the bad news about my cholesterol (I already knew my triglycerides were going to be bad, I just hope my LDL and HDL are still ok). So I’ll probably be put on a “no” fat diet (I know, I know, I need a little fat in my diet)… I’ll be eating corrugated cardboard by the end of the year.

I thought that I had another Ah Ha moment yesterday.  Turns out I don’t listen to myself very well.  I got up early and went exercise before 7 AM for the first time since I got out of the Army.  Now…, my Ah Ha moment was when I got home and was getting ready for work.  At that moment I realized that the military is using the wrong psychology to get people to work out.  See, when I was in my 20’s and could do all this exercise, I was taught that working out and physical exercise was a punishment.  It was something I had to do when I was in trouble.  It was a tool for the NCOs to torture me and keep me away from my family.  I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase, “Drop and give me 20…”  Well I realized yesterday that exercise wasn’t my enemy. It is a tool for me to use to make sure my body takes care of me later on. If I want to live a longer happier life I need to get my butt in gear.

I’ve gone to gyms in the past and I always felt like I didn’t belong… I could hear the stares, “What is that fat chick doing?  Why is she even bothering, odiously she doesn’t know enough to put the donuts down.”  Today, I can still hear those looks as they pass through me; the difference is that I don’t let them linger in my ears. I enjoy doing the yoga classes now (even though I suck really bad at it) and I like the feeling of working up a sweat… I like that “badge of “courage” when I finish.

However I am getting really, really upset with how things have been going lately.  I’ve been going to the gym, watching what I eat, taking my medicine, and using the Alli, and I keep gaining weight.  I keep waiting to see the scale go down, but it keeps going up.  Last week I was pretty sure I was 253, which was 3 pounds more than the week before.  This morning I was 254. I don’t get it. I have been snacking more than usual, but in total it’s only about 400 calories a day, and combined with my regular food, I’m taking in only 1600 calories, and I have also been working out.  The exercise should cancel out the snacking and then some. I’m only taking in about 12g of fat per meal, and when you think about that, it would seem that I’m doing everything right.  I’ve lost only 15 pounds, reliably, and I don’t really think I look that different.  I was so close to really breaking the 250 mark a few weeks ago, I don’t know what’s happened.  I guess the really only good news about myself that I have lately is that my blood sugar seems to be well managed now with the medication and exercise.

Shower Thoughts #28: It feels so good to be selfish

  1. I need to figure out a schedule for the gym
  2. I need to work out hard, but I still want to be able to lift my arms above my head
  3. I need to figure out a way to keep my kids on track so they follow through with things (Will rant about this one in a personal journal) in a few.
  4. Song of the day: Replay by Iyaz
  5. I can’t wait to post tomorrow’s Top 3… I already have it recorded and ready to go.

Personal Journal #15: I had the perfect title for this last night, but now I can’t think of it…

Last night was so completely deflating. I was so upset.  I thought I was doing good, but when you get on a scale you can’t escape the truth. I thought I was working hard enough, but the scale doesn’t lie. I felt so betrayed by my body. This up and down weight thing is getting on my last nerve.  When I got so upset, I started thinking, “Have I really been doing all I can?” The answer was no, and that made me feel even worse. Although I’ve been going to the gym, I think I still haven’t got the hang of eating right.  I over did it last night and ate two helpings of spaghetti and  two pieces of garlic bread. That isn’t what I should have done. I haven’t been sneaking food, but I have been going back for seconds. 

So although I don’t understand how I could have gained so much weight in one week, especially since I started to go to the gym, I can understand why I haven’t lost any too. I mean, I went from making and exceeding my goal, to getting almost back to where I was when I got back from FL. I’m not happy. I’m not expecting to lose it all at once.  I just want to see that gradual downward progression. A little at a time is fine.  And even a pound or two for water weight is ok, but I don’t want to balloon up nearly 7 pounds. 

Jason kept saying that he didn’t know what to tell me.  Well, I didn’t want him to tell me anything, I didn’t even know what I wanted to hear. Oh well, my toes are fixed now, and the bandages are off so I’m going to head to the gym. 

I have had one victory this week.  For the first time since I’ve been taking my blood sugar back in April, I have finally have had consistent and normal blood sugar readings.  Thank goodness… I guess going to the gym has helped at least something.

The coolest thing ever… well, not really

I just wanted to share with you all tonight that I found something neat at Subway.  They don’t advertise these little gems, but they have these things called minis…

I like going to Subway, it seems to be one of the only take out places that I can do that fits within my dietary restrictions.  The problem is that I’m always hungry after I eat a 6 in. sub, but I feel like a fat pig when I have a foot long.  These mini things are little 4 inch sandwiches.  The cool thing is if you get you get 2 its more than the 6 in., but smaller than the 12 in.  I was even able to get chips (the baked kind).  I just wanted to spread the word….

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