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Iron Man Rocks High School Graduation – Maybe Not?

I don’t really know what to say about this… either this is the lamest or the coolest high school graduation ever.  I can’t decide.


Surviving the World – Lesson 907 – College Majors, Part II (Brackett Week III)

How funny/smart is this idea?  It is fitting for the season, but it really could be useful.



Surviving the World – Lesson 907 – College Majors, Part II (Brackett Week III).

Vanity Plates Gone Wild

This morning when I was stuck in traffic, a few of the vanity plates people had made me chuckle.

C ME GON on a Corvette going 10 MPH - funny

A very loyal CAPS Fan for sure

To me this says: "Let's Get Intellectual"

You think NBC could do better with the pictures

I don’t know about you all, but I really am enjoying the Winter Olympic this year.  I must admit, Jason’s right when he says that I wouldn’t know a “Super G” from the “Giant Slalom” or what the heck the “Nordic Combine” was, but I love watching it any way.  I have really enjoyed watching the cross-country skiing this year, it just seems so exciting, even when the race is over an hour-long.  I don’t think I would watch a triathlon or a marathon, but I’ll watch those guys skiing their fannies off.

Anyway, since I like to check out what’s going on with the Olympics, I added the Olympic widget to my iGoogle page and decided to see who’s won what medals for the US. To my surprise, I was faced with the following pictures! Now I know with all the promo’s that NBC has filmed, that they could get some better pictures of the athletes.  I’m sure these are the official photos that appear on their athlete passes, but my God are these bad… you would think they were taken right after the line up and before the finger printing.  These are some of the funnier ones that are posted.

Hannah Teter, Snowboard

Bode Miller, Alpine Skiing

Apolo Anton Ohno, Short Track

Apolo Anton Ohno, Short Track

Our cute kitty taking on a stuffed mouse

Our kitty OJ was trying to catch his stuffed mouse, but found that it was “hiding” under the dog food feeding stand.

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