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Shower Thoughts #1 – Theocracies and football

This is going to be a new regular segment for MOJ. Different people do different things while they are in the shower to pass the time.  Some folks sing, some listen to the news, I think about stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some really good (and really bad) ideas pop into me head while I was washing my hair.  So I decided to share my “Shower Thoughts” with you.  This is just going to be a quick list, no in depth discussions.

  1. SharePoint: Blogs, Wikis, and Management Dashboards… Oh My
  2. Trent’s football play off game tonight
  3. Laptops – should I go ahead and get it or wait?
  4. Must do good at work today (I’m such a sucker)
  5. What am I going to wear?
  6. I hope the fruit trees are doing well…
  7. Would the US Government accept a democratically elected theocracy in Iran?

Personal Journal #6 – Home owners gone wild…

After years of thinking about planing fruit trees, we finally did today.  Last night we went to Lowe’s and picked up two apple trees (Gala and Golden Delicious), plum and peach.  The trees will complement our plantings of squash, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.  Just to make things interesting, Jason got an heirloom tomato named Mr. Stripey. I think its a funny name, but I’m hoping they will be really good. In addition to the new planting we did this year, it looks like the strawberries that Jason planted the first summer we moved into the house (2007) will finally bare some fruit.  He’s just let them grow and do their own thing.  They have now spread out over a large portion of the yard. It also looks like the wild blackberry patch is going strong.  We don’t know where it came from, one day it was just there.

I also bought a shelf today to go over my desk so I have a place to put my school books. We also picked up one of those long handled light changing do-hickies to replace the light bulbs in our garage.  All in all it was an different weekend.  We didn’t just sit in the house and watch TV.  We worked in the garden and around the house.  There was some “sweat” equity this weekend… lol

Plum Tree

Peach Tree

Squash and Watermelon


Tomatoes and Peppers

Apple Trees

Wild Blackberry Patch

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