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Shower Thoughts #59: Sunday=Funday

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  1. Ah… did my picks
  2. I knew swimming was a good workout, but I didn’t know it was that great. I could do that everyday and not need to rest like I do when on the elliptical or running.
  3. Song of the day: The Heavy: How do You Like Me Know?

Shower Thoughts #1 – Theocracies and football

This is going to be a new regular segment for MOJ. Different people do different things while they are in the shower to pass the time.  Some folks sing, some listen to the news, I think about stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some really good (and really bad) ideas pop into me head while I was washing my hair.  So I decided to share my “Shower Thoughts” with you.  This is just going to be a quick list, no in depth discussions.

  1. SharePoint: Blogs, Wikis, and Management Dashboards… Oh My
  2. Trent’s football play off game tonight
  3. Laptops – should I go ahead and get it or wait?
  4. Must do good at work today (I’m such a sucker)
  5. What am I going to wear?
  6. I hope the fruit trees are doing well…
  7. Would the US Government accept a democratically elected theocracy in Iran?
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