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The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge Goes LIVE!

Today my sister blog, The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge went live; along with a Twitter account and Facebook page. The Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge is a weight loss and fitness competition between my sister-in-law Barbara (The Princess) and me (The Pixie).

The Princess came up with the idea for the challenge. Our gym offers a weight loss/fitness challenge to members, but due to our schedule we couldn’t participate. So the Princess came up with the idea to use our naturally competitive natures for good instead of evil, and devised our own unofficial, official fitness challenge. With the help of our personal trainers, the Princess and Pixie challenge will soon commence.

The blog will be a place for each of us to share our thoughts about the process, our progress, and just share things that we have to say about each other (smack talking will be a prominent fixture). I plan on sharing my food and exercise journal too.

Please support our challenge, and follow along with us on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.


The coolest thing ever… well, not really

I just wanted to share with you all tonight that I found something neat at Subway.  They don’t advertise these little gems, but they have these things called minis…

I like going to Subway, it seems to be one of the only take out places that I can do that fits within my dietary restrictions.  The problem is that I’m always hungry after I eat a 6 in. sub, but I feel like a fat pig when I have a foot long.  These mini things are little 4 inch sandwiches.  The cool thing is if you get you get 2 its more than the 6 in., but smaller than the 12 in.  I was even able to get chips (the baked kind).  I just wanted to spread the word….

And this is supposed to make me feel better?

Yeah, so the Lean Cuisine box said to put the food on a real plate so I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating so little food. Somehow I think it just makes me feel worse.

Personal Journal #9 – I must confess, I can’t handle clutter

Really, clutter is something that I can’t stand.  It makes me physically anxious and I get mean and upset.  I get a very short fuse when I turn around and around in the house and all I see is clutter.  I feel like I can’t move, that I’m boxed in.  I guess one thing is for sure, I won’t be on A&E’s Hoarders.

I’m also getting sick of not making any progress with this weight thing.  I know I need to be patient.  I know if I just stick with it, I will eventually reach my goal. OMG, I can smell the pizza rolls Jason made… they smell so good.  I’ve had two ham and cheese English muffins (300 calories, 6g fat) with a cup of No Sugar Added fruit cocktail (120 calories, no fat).  Then I had two bags of the low fat 100 calorie packs of pop corn as a snack.  I’m “so” looking forward to my lean cuisine tonight – (can you hear the sarcasm?)

I’ll be glad when I can use my personal journal to share good news… 🙂

Personal Journal #8 – Just like in Zombieland – it’s all about the little things

Even though I’m on this diet from hell there are still things that I can take pleasure in.  After reading the article yesterday about toxic guilt and that by eating right and exercising I’m really just showing myself common courtesy, I’ve already noticed a shift in my thinking and habits.  Instead of shoveling the food into my mouth at lunch today, I took my time.  I asked myself if what I was doing was good for me, and when I ate, I savored what I had and took my time.  I can’t tell you how good a simple sugar free pudding cup can be.

Personal Journal #7 – I’ve been a bad girl, but it’s ok…

I haven’t been updating my food journal or blood sugar numbers for a few days.  The good thing is that for the most part I’ve kept on track. I know that by recording everything that passes my lips, I am forced to acknowledge the dietary significance of the foods I’m eating. Like I said, I still did pretty good this weekend.

It was hard, we like to eat out on the weekends.  Luckily, for the most part I was able to find things I could eat.  On Saturday I had a Chicken Wrap from Sonic.  It only had 14.5g of fat and it tasted pretty good.  I did splurge though; I ate one of Jason’s jalapeno poppers. I only had one, and it didn’t make my tummy feel bad, so it must not have had too much fat.  Then again it was only one.  If I had eaten the entire box like I would have a month ago, it would have been a different story.

Last night we had Chinese.  I ate mostly rice, which is bad for the blood sugar, but is low in fat.  It wasn’t fired, it was just the plain white rice.  I did get some chicken pieces to go with it, but not even an entire serving, and I tried to limit the sauces.  So all in all I think I did ok.  The problem is that I feel bad about what I did since I don’t know exactly how bad it was.

I stumbled upon an article today on Spark People that sort of explained why I feel so down on myself after I’ve slipped up.  I liked where this guy was coming from.  It’s all about the guilt and my conscience and managing my expectations about how I treat myself.  So from now on, when I want to eat something, I will stop and ask myself if I’m treating MYSELF with respect if I do this. I think this will allow me to make better decisions and not feel bad about the result. The point is to learn how to forgive myself for the slip ups and learn how to avoid them in the future.

P.S. For lunch today I’m going to have the Lean Cuisine Alfredo Pasta w/ Chicken and Broccoli. I’ll have a 100-calorie pack of Cheez-Itz and a 100-calorie pack of Grasshoppers and a no sugar added pudding.  There is a banana in there somewhere too.

Personal Journal #5 – Give me strength

Ok, I’m about to be really over this diet crap. I’m so hungry and it’s really depressing to think about the wonderful Lean Cuisine that’s waiting for me at home. Oh how I long for the days when I could just go and eat what I wanted from what ever restaurant we wanted to go to. It kind of sucks that we can’t go out to eat anymore for dates cause I can’t eat the food at the restaurants. It either has too much fat or to many carbs. I just feel like crying. I can’t let my blood sugar get too high so I need to stay away from excessive processed carbs. I need to lose weight so I need to stay under 18g of fat per meal. Have you tried to stay under 18g of fat per meal and only take in around 1400 calories per day? I have no idea what to do for dinner tonight. We won’t be getting home until after 8 and I don’t feel like cooking. It’s been a long day. I guess it’s only fair I suffer since I’ve been doing what ever I’ve wanted for years… but this f*ing sucks!

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