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An open letter to on the launch of their Cloud services…

Getting Started at Amazon MP3: Shop 15 million songs, play your music from the cloud on any Android device, PC, or Mac with Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player..


Ok, this is an awesome idea and I’m about ready to spend me some serious cash with you today.  I don’t know what you’re putting in the water over there in Seattle, but every time I think, “Gee, it sure would be nice if…” you guys come through and deliver.  From daily featured free Android Apps, to free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (free for students!), your common sense innovations just tickle me to no end.

Keep up the good work Mr. Bezos and your friends their at Amazon.




Advertisements Appstore for Android

I love Amazon… and I love Android… I can’t wait to play. Appstore for Android.

Amazon App Store could launch as soon as March 22 | Android Central

Looking forward to see what Amazon can bring to the table.



Amazon App Store could launch as soon as March 22 | Android Central.

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