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And they’re off…

Since last week went so well, Jason and I decided to take the kids this week. We are going to try the same trail we were supposed to do last week and then maybe a smaller, easier one further north. More pictures to follow.

Advertisements – Do you know what the backward traffic wave is?

Yep, I see this everyday and wonder why people moving at one speed can’t just stay moving at that one speed. I wait impatiently for the day when all cars come equipped with the sensing technology necessary to drive themselves on the interstate at high-speed. We’re almost there. – Do you know what the backward traffic wave is?.

I wrote this over two years ago… sound familiar?

Washington DC region ranks 4th in worst traffic…INRIX National Traffic Scorecard

Ok, so tell me something I don’t know… but it is nice to see that I’m not crazy for wanting to work from 10-7…




INRIX National Traffic Scorecard.

Shower Thoughts #76: It’s good to be a veteran

  1. Wow, a lot of people seem to understand that Veteren’s Day isn’t about car and furniture sales… about time.

For all those who have served, are serving, and will serve, thank you. I know you may not see it as a sacrifice because that’s just the way you are, but I just wanted to pass that along. Although I initially enlisted for certain reasons, I came to realize that it was an honor and privalige to serve.  I have been out of the service for 9 years now, but it feels like yesterday. I think about my time in the military everyday, and I’m thankful for the opportunities that I was given then and now because of my service.

The following pictures were taken by me this past April when we took a mini-vacation to Washington, D.C. for spring break.

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Autumn is in the air…

The Washington Monument is the tallest structu...

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This is my favorite time of year without a doubt.  Even though it’s still summer, it seems like fall is right around the corner.  Some of the leaves on the trees are already starting to change color.  Football is back and not too far behind will be some cooler temperatures.  Getting ready to take another little mini-vacation to D.C. … this time it will be just us girls.  Beth’s long-time friend goes to school in D.C. and with some luck I’ll be able to take the girls site seeing, to the museums and maybe a show at the Kennedy Center if there is anything worth seeing while we’re up there.  I love D.C. in the fall on a nice crisp day. Washington, D.C. here we come!

The best place in Washington, D.C.

The World War II memorial is my favorite place in DC.

Barcelona Wrap-up

Wow, that was a long flight home.  I have decided that when I travel, I’m not going in coach.  I would save and save before I do economy again.  Spending almost 9 hours on a plane is bad enough.

We finally got home last night around 8:30 PM local time, almost 20 hours of being up and travelling.  We had good old Burger King for dinner.  I thought I would be able to stay up and play a little WoW, but by 10 PM I was in the bed asleep.  I sure am happy that I went to Bareclona, but I sure was happy to get home.  My bed has never felt so good.

Anyway, here is the photo wrap up of the week:

Day 1: Children’s Day Parade and Cathedral

Day 2: City Park and Arc d’ Triomf

Day 3: Port de Barcelona

Day 4: Sagrada Familia and Hospital

Day 5: Museums and Skylines

Day 6: Bus tour and Gaudi

Windows Live Photo Gallery Awesomeness

This is a composite of several photos that I took in Spain in front of the Art Museum.

Museum Vista

Day 6 – And the end draws near

Today I really did take it easy. Although it would have been nice to sleep in, at about 6:30 this morning out in the square, the sound of falling pipes woke me up. Apparently, there was an open-air market being set up for Carnival. Therefore, I just sat around until Jason got up. We finally got up and went looking for souvenirs for everyone.

We walked down to the Constitution Hall and then down the Carrer de Princesea. We ended up at the Picasso Museum again, but I didn’t go in cause the line was so long, I didn’t feel like waiting. We went up to the Arc de Tiomf and took the metro over to the Placa de Catalunya. We got on the Bus Touristic and road around the north side of the city. I was able to get pictures of some of the more famous Gaudi buildings.

We came back to the room and relaxed until dinner. I went to the Internet café just to check the status of our flights tomorrow, so everything right now is good to go.

We finally went to eat at Agut. It was really good, and I’m actually full. We got appetizers, main course, and desert. We went with Jason M. and I shared a nice bottle of red wine with him. We’re packed and ready for the morning. I’m charging my iPod.

We watched some of the Carnival folks roller skate and bike through our square and we are watching the drag queen pageant on TV. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve had a really good time, but I’m going to be happy to be home, it’s time to go.

Until we’re back at home, my best from Barcelona,


Day 5 – The city in all its glory

Everyday gets better than the last.  This morning I got up and went over to the



Boqueria and got Jason the fruit he’s been wanting.  I got two pears, two kiwis and a kilo of strawberries.  I stopped and got a container of fresh cut pineapple for breakfast.  Sitting outside the hotel on the steps of the square was a wonderful way to start the day. 



After I put the fruit away, I got my stuff together and headed to the metro. Today I was planning on spending my day around the southwest side of the city over by the conference.  I wanted to spend the day there and then ride the metro back with Jason after he was finished with the conference.

I got off the metro and the Placa d’ Espanya.  From there I walked south along the Avinguda del Paral lel.  I then took a right and followed the Carrer de Lleida all the way to the end.  To my left was the first destination of the day – the Museu d’ Arquelogia de Catalunya (Archeological Museum of Canalunya).  It only cost 3 Euro to get in and it made for a good calm few hours.  Like most museums of this type there were a lot of tools, coins, pots and busts.  There were a few interesting pieces, like the mosaic floor at the end of the tour.  I was interesting to see how the culture in the area was influenced by the Greeks, Romans, and then the Gauls from France.  To tell the truth, in the area of the city we are staying, many of the buildings look like they would be home in New Orleans.  The gothic part of the city definitely has that feel.

After leaving the museum, I went down the Passeig de les Cascades and started taking the escaladers up toward the Museu National d’Art de Catalunya.  I’m not an art person, except maybe sculpture.  I don’t know one style from another, but I figured it would still be nice to say that at least went to check it out.  Once I got there I didn’t know how right I had been.  WOW!  The view was amazing.  Truly breathe taking.  I sat there overlooking the city for a long time.  This was my view while I ate lunch.

The view from the Catalunya Museum of Art

The view from the Catalunya Museum of Art

While I was sitting there writing down my thoughts in my journal, I looked up and saw Jason M. (he works with Jason and I and was at the conference with Jason).  Of all the places, how funny.  We sat there in front of the museum talking about our day, the beautiful city, books (he’s been reading this book about the 12 Caesars and now I want to read it too) and all sorts of things.  This is probably the only picture I will have taken of me while I’m here.  I took one of Jason M. too. 

After some time we decided to head into the museum, but it was 8.50 Euro, and I thought that was too much to spend for only an hour in the museum since I was going to have to leave to meet up with Jason.  I decided to go back outside, finish writing in my journal, and start making my way down out in front of the conference area.  I sat on the corner of the steps out front of the metro and just people watched.

I let the afternoon sun just wash over my face as the breeze wisped by.  The next thing I know, Jason M. is coming down the stairs right to me.  It must have been the color of the sweater I was wearing that drew him to me again.  So we sat there talking again waiting for Jason to make it through the crowed.   My Jason and I took the metro back to the hotel.  We kind of just chilled out for a few hours.

We went to this German sausage place for dinner – Otto Sylt.  The sausage was a bit strong, and so was the beer.  I still haven’t had that culinary “wow” moment while we’ve been here.  Either the food has been good, just not much of it, or it’s just been so so.

 Tomorrow is our last day and I think we are going to take the Bus Turistic around and then pick up some goodies for the folks back home.  I won’t be able to post Day 6 until we get back, so I hope you’ve been able to enjoy reading about what I’ve been up to.  Once I can get back home and get some reliable and fast Internet access, I’ll upload all my pictures and do up the Google maps to share.

All the best from Barcelona,


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