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Shower Thoughts #91: Ahhh, it’s Monday!

  1. I had the funniest dream that Barbara was upset with Kevin cause he wouldn’t let her take out $1 million from their bank account to go shopping.  She was upset because he HAD $1 million in cash already and she just wanted to pick up a few things.
  2. I could have used another hour of sleep (Note: and I should have just gone back to bed since it was a 2-hour drive in this morning. Funny how an accident in the opposite direction of where I want to go clogs up ALL the roads.)
  3. Glad to be feeling better and back to normal.  Unfortunately I will now be neurotic about when and what I eat before bed for the next month or so.

Shower Thoughts #90: I’m up

1. I feel more awake this morning.
2. We need to leave at the same time the boy does.
3. I should make Jason drive so I can knit.
4. Song of the day: I have an endless mashup in a loop in my head. The one song is by and Nikki Minaj, and the other one is about a girl that’s not a rock star, but has groupies…

Shower Thoughts #89: Stupid work

  1. I’m way too tired to be driving today; I could almost … fall… asleep… zzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzz
  2. I’m up, I’m up…. I don’t want to come out of the nice warm shower.

Shower Thoughts #88: Ok, Let’s go…

  1. I am motivated today
  2. time to knit

Shower Thoughts 87: It’s Saturday, why am I up so early?

1. I hope today goes well
2. Knit, knit, knit… I just can’t get enough
3. Song of the day: Womanizer by Brittney Spears… again, don’t judge.

Shower Thoughts #86: It’s my Friday…

1. Must do actual work at work today
2. Need to do a poll about the prize for the winner of the 4P Challenge
3. Song of the day: Whip your Hair, by Willow Smith… Don’t judge me 🙂

Shower Thoughts #85: Sometimes going it late to work feels so good

1. I forgot I need to get gas.

Shower Thoughts #84: Please don’t freak out, it isn’t going to snow that much…

1. You would think that we were going to have a blizzard, people are freaking out.
2. I hope everyone tries to “beat”the snow today. That way when I go to leave the office, all the crazy people will be off the roads and the traffic will be back to normal.
3. I bet you anything there wil be 100’s of snow plows/salt trucks on the road this morning… even right it isn’t supposed to start snowing until this afternoon.
4 mmmmmmmmmm… Coffee.

Shower Thoughts #83: It’s really dark out there…

1. It is too dark out for 7 in the morning.
2. I need to finish getting the Pretty Pink Princess Pixie Challenge site squared away.
3. No water pressure = Trent’s in the shower
4. The coffee smells so good.

Shower Thoughts #82: Banana bread

1. Banana bread is good
2. I really like knitting, but I need to learn to do some more things. Scarfs are getting old.

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