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Iron Man Rocks High School Graduation – Maybe Not?

I don’t really know what to say about this… either this is the lamest or the coolest high school graduation ever.  I can’t decide.


I have no words…

This video just speaks for itself.

Thanks to Rocky Thompson from‘s blog: The Goat for posting this littly tid-bit.

But seriously, there has to be a better way to make your point… seriously

Paula Deen Hijinks

I love Paula Deen and this video is just the best.  

I couldn’t stop laughing!

Top 3 Tuesday: 4th of July Relaxation Edition

As you can tell my sound is a little off… I forgot to record my Top 3 last week when no one was home. So now I had to record this in my bathroom.  I hope you enjoy and most of all reply!

The love of dance is strong with this one…

This is what happens when you give an extrovert a webcam. This dance is called the “Aunt Lesley”. I always do this “dance” when Boom, Boom, Pow comes on the radio. The kids love and hate it at the same time.  I just have fun with it and try to make it as goofy as possible so that I can embarrass them the most.

Here is my U Stream Channel

Top 3 Tuesday – Summertime Edition

Alright folks, it is officially summertime and that’s the theme for this week’s Top 3 Tuesday.

You may be wondering why I began doing these Top 3’s and why on Tuesday… well, that’s because the servers are down in World of Warcraft on Tuesdays for maintenance.  I thought this would give my WoW buddies something to look forward to on Tuesdays since they couldn’t log into the game.

Top 3 Tuesday – Exercise Edition

This is so much fun.  I love my new computer. Have fun…

Sue Silvester (Glee) + iPhone 4 = Hilarious Hijinks

An understated commentary on the new iPhone 4…

Top 3 Tuesday: Broadway edition

Ok, so I’m trying something new this week with the Top 3, let me know what you think… (and yes, I know it should have been, “…what your top 3 ARE…” instead of “….what your top 3 IS…” I hate grammar mistakes, but I was in a rush and this is my first crack at this, so can I get a pass?  Thanks…

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