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Iron Man Rocks High School Graduation – Maybe Not?

I don’t really know what to say about this… either this is the lamest or the coolest high school graduation ever.  I can’t decide.


I have no words…

This video just speaks for itself.

Thanks to Rocky Thompson from‘s blog: The Goat for posting this littly tid-bit.

But seriously, there has to be a better way to make your point… seriously

Paula Deen Hijinks

I love Paula Deen and this video is just the best.  

I couldn’t stop laughing!

You know that song from the Mustang commercial?

Band of Skulls is the band that does the song.  Well not only is the song from the Mustang commercial awesome, but the rest of the album is too…  You might want to check it out…

Band Of Skulls.

The CrowesBase: This Is The Way

For some reason I was thinking about this song today.  If you get a chance to find/hear it I highly recommend it.

Well we’ve known we’ve known

We’ve had a choice

We chose rejoice

via The CrowesBase: This Is The Way.

Google, #1 on April 1…. Gmail Motion BETA

How awesome was this year’s April Fools from Google? Just watch the video… (please, try to keep the laughing to a low roar… you’re co-workers will thank you).

Gmail Motion BETA.

Dear Amazon MP3…

Dear Amazon MP3,

First off I want to say I LOVE your cloud drive and player.  I think it is one of those common sense innovations that will make enjoying my music collection just that much easier.  I do have one request/suggestion that would just knock it out of the park.  You may have this already in the pipeline, but I would like a way to rate songs, artists, and albums from the player.  It would also be nice if there were links from the artists/song/album name to their pages on Amazon.  This way, as a user I could be able to find new music based on my preferences and do it on the go.  It’s a win win, more music for me, more money for you.

Thank you again,

Lesley Reynolds

An open letter to on the launch of their Cloud services…

Getting Started at Amazon MP3: Shop 15 million songs, play your music from the cloud on any Android device, PC, or Mac with Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player..


Ok, this is an awesome idea and I’m about ready to spend me some serious cash with you today.  I don’t know what you’re putting in the water over there in Seattle, but every time I think, “Gee, it sure would be nice if…” you guys come through and deliver.  From daily featured free Android Apps, to free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (free for students!), your common sense innovations just tickle me to no end.

Keep up the good work Mr. Bezos and your friends their at Amazon.




Take Two: Justin Bieber Unveils His Wax Figure – Style News – StyleWatch –

Can you say “Creepy”…



Justin Bieber Unveils His Wax Figure

via Take Two: Justin Bieber Unveils His Wax Figure – Style News – StyleWatch –

Run Hundred – An awesome find for music lovers at the gym

As and you shall receive.  I gave up on using iTunes some time ago and decided to just go with Napster’s streaming music service.  It’s like Pandora but without long pauses and you can take it anywhere (you don’t even need an Internet connection).  The only problem is that I lost my workout play list.  Not having a consistent play list was really bothering me.  Either the gym music was sucking pretty bad, or Pandora would throw in some slow jams that really didn’t fit with a hard charging workout. So I went in search of a way to find songs that I both like and have a consistent beat to them.  I found Run Hundred pretty quickly and I think I’m going to be able to build the ultimate, personalized run mix.  And the good thing is that when I start to go faster I’ll be able to easily find songs that go with my new speed.

The Simplest Way To Find New, Workout Music

I’ve tried to set up Run Hundred in a way that makes it easy to sort through workout music.

via – Run Hundred.

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