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Simplicity 2830 #3: My First Seam


So this is my first real seam. This is the outside pockets of my new bag. The fabric is coming unraveled fast, I can see why folks were saying that the bag needs a lining. At any rate, I’m on my way.


Simplicity 2830 #1

Well, this project is my official foray into the sewing world.  I picked this project for a couple of reasons. First it is supposed to be easy. Second, it looked like it would give me the opportunity to learn a few things, and not just practice sewing a seam or two.  This project has a ZIPPER!!! (I know… but it’s the little things in life that make it worth wild, right?)  While cutting out the fabric and reading the pattern instructions I got a little nervous, but just like my knitting, since I don’t know how hard things really are, I use that ignorance to my advantage and just jump head first into things.

My intention is to keep an online journal of each of my projects.  I haven’t been as committed to this endeavor in my knitting, but I think it’s a good habit to get into. For each project I will detail the pattern I use, the fabric, and special skills I plan on learning to complete the project and various notes along the way.

So this was where I was last night when I packed it in:

  1. Purchased pattern, fabric and notions;
  2. Put together project board;
  3. Cut out pattern and fabric;
  4. Wound the bobbin and threaded my machine;

Tonight I think I might actually start working on putting it together.

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My Studio

The pictures in the beginning are from the start.  Over the 4th of July weekend, we gradually transformed our sun room into my design studio.  I’m going to use this space for sewing and knitting design, storage and creation.

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