Trent’s “House Socks”

So I finished my first sock the other day and was so proud of it.  I bound of the edge and went to put it on, and to my dismay/disappointment/or what ever you want to call it, I couldn’t get the sock on over my ankle.  The top of the sock was too tight.  I had to cut it to even get it up and over my heal.  I was so sad.  I had worked so hard knitting that sock.

I decided not to get discouraged and vowed that I would do better next time.  I figured I just needed to practice a bit more… so that’s what I did.

These “house socks” are for Trent (just because they are huge and gray). I used several different patterns to make these and I just kind of mixed and matched different cast-on, toe increase, heal and bind offs to create them.  I used a no-wrap short row heal (and as you can see I need some more practice.  Good thing I have another sock to go.) I used a yarn over bind off, which is now too loose (but that’s better than too tight, at least he’ll be able to get in on his foot.) I think for the matching sock I will do a yarn over bind off, but not for every stitch… maybe every other?

I used Caron’s Simply Soft in Grey Heather with two #3 circs.  These were knitted toe up with a Turkish cast-on.

The Toe

The Yarn


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