Personal Journal #18: Yeah, I know it’s late…

Ok, I know, I know… it’s late.  I just want to post a quick hello to update what’s been going on this weekend.  So in a word, I’ve been busy… I mean really busy. I think I spent almost 8 hours running here and there yesterday (Saturday) doing all sorts of things.

Thankfully I didn’t go anywhere today, but I’ve still been busy.  First thing we did this morning when I got up was clean house.  We had the CEO from the Totally Committed Community Outreach Center (TCCOC) over so that we could help him with some things and show him the work done on the center’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts. There is a website also in the works.

After Larry left, I had to write two memos for school and reply to two message board posts. But first I had to research anti-virus software (yuck!). While I was doing that the trick or treating was in full swing so the door bell was getting a work out.

I also cooked a roast tonight.  It was ok, but I don’t think I’ll do it again for a while.

So this is the last little bit for the night… until next time…


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