Shower Thoughts #50: Heck yeah.. let’s go… go go go

  1. I hope the Old Spice Guy keeps going today!!! He is more epic than epic….
  2. Whoa!!! I’m so full of energy… I feel like I can go go go, I’m pumped
  3. I can’t wait to get to the gym tonight. I think I’m making progress again
  4. I can’t believe I just thought that…
  5. Huh, a lot of my recent music choices have originated with ESPN’s Sports Center (/sings dto dto doo, dto dto doo….)
  6. I wonder what the Dr. is going to do with a torn tendon… I guess at least it isn’t a ligament. At least I wasn’t crazy for the last year.
  7. Song of the day: Ali in the Jungle by the Hours (need a little motivation? This song will do it fo’ sho’)

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