Top 3 Tuesday – Birthday Edition

Sorry, yet again I’ve run out of time to put together this weeks Top 3.  Between work and the gym, I’m just not home as often.  Although I can’t record one, I have the perfect topic.  Today is my son’t 12th birthday, so in commemoration, I want to know what your top 3 birthdays were. I don’t have many as I hate getting older, but I’ll give it a go:

  1. 10th – I got my first analog watch for breakfast.  This is one of the most vivid memories of my childhood.  I sat down for breakfast and sitting in my cereal bowl in its case was a little red Orphan Annie wrist watch.
  2. 24th – I was stationed in Korea for this one.  Jason and the kids were at home in GA at the time.  My fellow soldiers took the time to make me a cake and everything.  Kind of impressive when we didn’t have an oven in the barracks… just a little toaster oven.  It’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to birthday party.
  3. 16th – Of course… who wouldn’t love their 16th.  I didn’t have a sweet 16 or anything, and I didn’t get a car, but I did get my license.  It took about another 2-years before I was able to really drive with any regularity, but at least I did get my license right away.

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