Shower Thoughts #33: Oh my aching… legs?

  1. I shouldn’t have done that Body Flow class and the AM FAM U all in one day… my legs are killing me.
  2. I have some of the weirdest dreams.  The dream this morning was particularly weird. I was driving and somehow I had ran off the road and twisted my front tire. When I got out of the car the kids were with me bothering me about what happened and could they play the Xbox. Next thing I know I’m in this bank trying to call Jason to tell him about the accident.  I finally get in touch with him and say, “Let’s just say I hope you like your new car, cause you’re getting one.  Is there an insurance hit if we just junk the car?’ Right at that moment I bump into someone in the line for the teller, and it’s Payton Manning… I tell Jason, “I just bumped into Payton Manning!” Then I start digging through my purse looking for his sports card thinking to myself, “I know it’s in here, I always carry it around for just such an occasion.”
  3. The moral of the dream: I need a break from the kids, I need a new car and Jason needs Payton Manning’s autograph.

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