Shower Thoughts #4 – Tik Tok SharePoint, it’s time for a lipid panel

  1. Hot, hot hot… that’s too hot
  2. The bed felt so good this morning, I didn’t want to get up…
  3. My SharePoint demo went well yesterday, I wish that I could just travel around and teach knowledge management… I’m such a nerd
  4. I was really busy yesterday, and I liked it
  5. Thank goodness its “Friday”
  6. “…brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, cause when I leave for the night, I AIT’T commin’ back….Tik tok, don’t stop, DJ blow my speakers up…”
  7. I need to find out if Jason wants to go to the Dr. with me after his history test so I can pick up my ortho referral and get my lipid panel done
  8. Mmmm, what will I be doing this time next year…

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