Personal Journal #2 – Follow Along

I thought I would share my food and blood sugar testing logs with you all.  I’m really accountable now for what I’m eating.  With any luck y’all will see how much work it is to keep up with diet, exercise and blood sugar monitoring.  If you are borderline, or think you may have a medical condition, I hope this will motivate you to see a doctor before things get out of control.

As for how things are going… things are rolling along.

I have a call into my doctor to see if there is something I can do about the side effects from my new medication.  Thanks to Patty I realize now that it is the metformin that’s causing my problems, not the Alli.

I completed the 24-heart monitor test and returned the unit to the cardiologist.  Now I have five red and blistered patches at various locations on my torso.  I hate being allergic to adhesives. 😦  I go back next week to see about the results.  I also have an appointment with the neurologist next week.  I get to have a head CT this Saturday.  My back MRI results came in to my primary care doc last night, so I should hear back something today.

On a good note, I think the medication for the peripheral neuropathy is working. I have noticed that my feet aren’t bothering me as much and I’m able to get right to sleep.  It’s been years since I’ve been able to do that.  And with getting the blood sugar a bit more under control, I’m able to stay asleep better.


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