Top 3 Tuesday – 2 March 2010

This week’s top 3 was a special request.  I’m sure we can all relate to this one.  Here’s the scenario…

You wake up in the morning and swing your legs over the side of the bed.  As you’re sitting there thinking about the day to come, you have a foreboding. Something just isn’t right, but you push the feeling aside and get up anyway.  The first order of business, a shower. And then it happens – no hot water…. you go in the basement and check and sure enough, the water heater sprung a leak. That’s when you know its not going to be a good day.

Now I know this Top 3 may be a little on the negative side, but let’s see what you all can come up with, make this a little funny! I won’t be posting my Top 3 until later, I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.

And to OMF… next week you’re Top 3 is up to bat, so be ready!

This week’s Top 3: What are the top 3 signs you’re in for a bad day?

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  1. Patty Reynolds

    1) You try on fifteen different things and nothing looks good.
    2) You step in cat sick.
    3) You realize the bathroom is completely out of toilet paper AFTER you’ve already sat down and done your “business”.

  2. -You have a cowlick that’s so bad it hurts to push it back the other way
    -Wife punches me in her sleep because I did something wrong in her “bad dream”
    -The perfect single point landing of the dog jumping on the bed, happens to be directly on the family jewels

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