We’ve made some progress

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As you can see, Beth isn’t very happy to be living here right now. As a matter of fact, both the kids are a bit disgruntled when it comes the the after effects of the snow. Between the kids, Jason and I, we have made it about half way down the driveway. Although its not going to do much good. I can say with certainty that I’m not making out of the neighborhood tomorrow for work. Not that I mind another day working from home, but I have to admit I think I will enjoy getting back to the normal routine of life. I’m sure with the amount of the snow and the problems VDOT is having with the main roads, we won’t see the plow of freedom for a few more days.  The good thing is that if you haven’t had a plow in your neighborhood by Wednesday, they have asked that you call in.

If by Wednesday, residents have not seen a plow in their subdivision, they can call 703-383-VDOT or e-mail novainfo@vdot.virginia.gov with the location. Photos are also welcomed. Crews will be dispatched to treat missed spots and problem areas.

Oh, and did I mention that it is really cold out there today. When you’re working on digging out, it isn’t bad, but if you stop for a moment, all bets are off. My arm is killing me too. The forearm between the elbow and the wrist. I am not in the proper condition for snow shoveling season… lol.


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