Why is it so hard to get what you order?

Dear McDonald’s (or Burger King, Outback, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc…),

When I ask for a change to a menu item on my order, there is a reason.   I’m not being difficult or demanding, I just want it My Way, don’t you want to See Me Smile?  If you want me to Think Outside the Bun and make a Run for the Boarder for a Fourth Meal, just give me what I ask for.  If your employees need additional training, please give it to them.  If you have to, Live Adventurous(ly) and hire people that can read a ticket and cook what I ordered.  You know When It’s Real when it’s right!

I’m tired and fed up that when I go out to get my food, even the simplest requests aren’t being accommodated. This isn’t an isolated problem.  I can’t say how many times I’ve gone through the drive-thru and either did not receive an item that I ordered and paid for, or what I received was not what I asked for.  The quality control and attention to detail really needs some work.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

I HATE eggs cooked by other people.  I just worry about food born illness and I’m not thrilled with the way they taste.  So when I go out to get breakfast from a fast food establishment, I order all my breakfast sandwiches with NO EGG. This is not a hard request, it should actually save time since employees don’t have to add the egg or heat it up as long.  All I want is the bread, meat and cheese.  However, this request apparently really confuses the fast food technicians you hire. This morning, on a quick trip to McDonald’s, I ordered two egg McMuffins, with no egg.  I don’t know how its so hard, my order was correct on the receipt AND there was a special tag printed off and placed on my wrapper (see the pictures below) to tell the person putting my food together to not put the egg on (the no folded annotation).  How in the world can you not see this when putting together? But apparently it was since I got eggs on both my McMuffins… see picture below.  Now it wouldn’t have been so bad, but in this case not only did I GET eggs, but the Canadian bacon was left OFF.  So I got what I didn’t want, and I didn’t get what I wanted.  That’s a royally big screw up.  It takes some real talent to get that confused so badly.

I understand that you have to work fast, but just because I want my food fast doesn’t mean that I want it wrong.  So from now on, every time I get an order screwed up, I’m going to write about it.  Why should I have to suffer alone? I urge you, the public, to join me and let these restaurants know what they’re doing isn’t right.  It isn’t acceptable. I’m not going to threaten to not eat there anymore, because frankly I need fast food sometimes cause I’m a busy working mother that sometimes just can’t cook a full meal like I would like to.  Empty threats aren’t the way to make a change, but I believe that if enough of us let the fast food chains know what we think, maybe there will be some changes. So please, if your reading this, pass it along to your friends and family.  Take the time to contact restaurants that mess up your orders. I have listed some of the Twitter and Facebook accounts of some fast food and family restaurants that I go to.  Unfortunately, the customer satisfaction phone numbers that usually come on your receipt is just a marketing poll, there is no way to actually lodge a complaint. So Twitter and Facebook these establishment… let the world know how you feel.

Thank you for reading my rant,


Twitter accounts:


Taco Bell

Chick fil A

Pizza Hut


Facebook accounts:


Taco Bell

Chick fil A


Pizza Hut



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