Top 3 Tuesday: September 22, 2009

Autumn has got to be the best season ever.  As a season, Fall has so much going for it.  The weather gets cooler, the leaves on the trees change, and its loaded with the best holidays (at least in my opinion).  This week’s Top 3 is all about your favorite holidays.

What are your top 3 holidays?


1)  Thanksgiving: Its like Christmas, but not as hectic
2)  Christmas: Its all about the giving
3)  Halloween: Where anyone can be a kid again


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  1. 1) Christmas: I live far from friends and family, but I get to see them more often at Xmas.
    2) New Year’s Eve: I’m a refective person so I like that there is a day for thinking about what the last year brought and what you are looking for in the New Year.
    3) Opening Day of Baseball: Well, it’s a holiday in my house!

  2. 1)Christmas: I love decorating the house and the tree with my family. I love watching everyone else open their gifts. Especially the kids, I love seeing their faces.

    2)Thanksgiving: I love having the kitchen full of great smells and lots of great people helping to cook.

    3)New Years Eve: I love our “family tradition” of eating finger foods and all trying to stay up to watch the ball drop. All 5 haven’t made it yet 🙂 I also love how every year Kevin and I toast to another year behind us and a great year ahead of us. We also always kiss at the end of the count down. Start the year off right 🙂

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