Top 3 Tuesday: September 15, 2009

Top 3 Tuesday is back!  I used to do these so that people could share their “top 3” on Tuesday mornings while many were waiting for server maintenance in WoW to finish.  This is how we play.  I’ll ask for the top 3 on a certain topic or subject, and you reply.  I also share mine.  This is a weekly game, so have fun.

What are your top 3 online activities?

1) World of Warcraft (duh)

2) Twitter (I can’t get enough.  Follow along: Pixie91075)

3) Facebook (This is a relatively new obsession.  Again, I’m Pixie91075 there too)


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Wife, mom, professional... Pictures, gym, hiking, knitting, sewing, spinning, reading, movies, TV... Facebook, Blog and Twitter...

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  1. Top 3 Online Activities

    1. Facebook – I love keeping up with all my friends and family.
    2. Television Without Pity ( Best website for TV junkies. Blogs about shows, snarky recaps of shows you might have missed.
    3. – I’m a big obsessed with celebs..ok a lot.

    P.S. #3 would be “Anything Twilight” if I didn’t keep that monster in check.

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