New Year, New Schools, New Beginings

It’s Labor Day and tomorrow the kids start school.  Beth will start high school and Trent will start middle school.  This year has already been an exciting one.  Trent started playing football in the spring with the flag season.  Now he’s playing tackle and he seems to be a natural.  Beth is in marching band, and watching her brings back so many memories.  I can’t help but think about the last 20-years.

This is the true meaning of an ordinary journey.  Most people have these reflective times.  Thinking of what was, and what is yet to be. Most people have lived through these passing seasons of life.  While I’m not in the autumn of my life by any stretch of the imagination, the fact that my kids are getting older seems to make me more aware of my own mortality.

I hope that these times are the best times for my kids.  I hope that I can keep them from harm and heart ache without smothering or hovering over them.  I’m also worried that I’m going to be lost without them.  Its not that my children define who I am, but their activities certainly define my schedule.


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