Barcelona Wrap-up

Wow, that was a long flight home.  I have decided that when I travel, I’m not going in coach.  I would save and save before I do economy again.  Spending almost 9 hours on a plane is bad enough.

We finally got home last night around 8:30 PM local time, almost 20 hours of being up and travelling.  We had good old Burger King for dinner.  I thought I would be able to stay up and play a little WoW, but by 10 PM I was in the bed asleep.  I sure am happy that I went to Bareclona, but I sure was happy to get home.  My bed has never felt so good.

Anyway, here is the photo wrap up of the week:

Day 1: Children’s Day Parade and Cathedral

Day 2: City Park and Arc d’ Triomf

Day 3: Port de Barcelona

Day 4: Sagrada Familia and Hospital

Day 5: Museums and Skylines

Day 6: Bus tour and Gaudi

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